A Framework for Wise Education: Chakras and Child Development


Many people, including parents, teachers, principals, and school board members are deeply involved in developing and applying a variety of approaches to improve children’s wellbeing, solve school problems, and support action plans that enhance our current educational systems. Despite these well-intentioned efforts, many such strategies fall short of a system that covers the development of the whole person. Ellen Tadd proposes a different approach. For children, as well as adults, understanding and applying the lessons of the chakra system will provide a solid foundation for generating thoughtful, creative, practical, and emotionally balanced individuals.

Her first book describing the chakras and their impact on our lives, The Wisdom of the Chakras: Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life, caught the attention of several educators. Inspired by their interest and experiences as a parent, the author has now turned her understanding of the chakra system into a practical, holistic methodology for creating A Framework for Wise Education.


Through my examination of the chakra system and over forty years of working with students and clients of all ages, I have observed a structure that can help us simplify our understanding of the course of human development. This methodology can aid in creating an educational strategy that supports and endorses the maturation of the whole child.