The Infinite View

“Do not be caught in the limited perspective of life, for it has continual turmoil and uncertainty. If you venture deeper, you will see that there is a growth plan in operation for all individuals…”

Written by internationally revered clairvoyant counselor and educator Ellen Tadd, The Infinite View is a spiritual classic in the making.

People often lean towards either trusting their gut or relying on their analytical mind, but Ellen Tadd urges readers to consider a new approach that allows both emotions and the intellect to be guided by wisdom. Through describing how the Spirit, soul, and personality are integrated, she guides readers in deepening and expanding their perceptions to discover practical solutions to everyday challenges.

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The Wisdom Of The Chakras

I began my study of the chakra system through observation, and I avoided reading books on the subject. I looked and learned everywhere. Whenever I saw people, I also saw the seven energy centers emanating from them. I gathered knowledge from my clairvoyance and from my guides from the spiritual realm that is contained in “The Chakra Book.”

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Death and Letting Go

On the Boston Globe Best Seller List for Non-Fiction Paperback in 2003, “Death and Letting Go” is a guide for understanding death as a continuation of life. It provides insights into the meaning of death and guidance for facing challenging life transitions. “Death and Letting Go” offers quiet reassurance and encouragement for living life with greater joy and serenity.

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