MANY YEARS AGO, I WAS MEDITATING WITH FRIENDS in my living room, when I had a vision off to my right of a Native American man riding on a horse. As I watched him ride toward me, I for the first time suddenly felt my consciousness pushed aside, over to the left, while the man began to use my body to speak. He spoke eloquently about the power of nature as a spiritual teacher. I wasn’t able to hear all his words, but when I had returned to my body, my friends were in awe. They had heard a voice that was not mine coming from me, and it was clear that I had been inhabited by a spirit guide. I was left with its consciousness and its vision. My perceptions were heightened, and my joy in feeling the spiritual meaning of life was profound.

FOR A TIME AFTER THIS ENCOUNTER, I BECAME A TRANCE MEDIUM (I still have this gift), but I began to feel like a telephone, just mechanically transmitting information made available to me. I longed to participate more fully in receiving the knowledge that was being conveyed. Beyond this, I felt strongly that I didn’t want people to see me as the authority, for I knew I was a student, learning and striving to learn. So, I asked the guides and teachers who were coming to me from the spiritual realm to work with me more through clairvoyance and clairaudience, so I could be the student I was and, when it was appropriate, a teacher too. This is what happened.