A Message from Ellen’s Guide

“Do not be lost in the human experience. Do not forget your truest identity. You each impact the other. I observe the ricocheting of negative vibrations from one person to the next.

Reach above the fray. Reach above the illusions of life, to a broader understanding. Do not conveniently meld with ignorance and narrow mindedness.

Elevate those around you through maintaining a higher vibration. This is the hope and the salvation of humanity – to be elevated to a celestial understanding. Unless this is achieved, life in the human earthly experience will continue to stay in suffering.

I offer another route. I offer the route of joy. I offer the route of powerful influence. I offer the fulfillment of your own personal desires. So do not identify with the limitation of the human experience. Identify with the elevation of higher vibration. You can reach out for it and it shall be given.”