“Meeting and listening to Ellen Tadd is the only way to fully appreciate her extraordinary gift of perception and wisdom. As the author of an award-winning book, I can tell you that Ellen’s guidance had a unique role to play in its success. After 5 years of tapping into Ellen’s exceptional teachings and guidance, I am simply astounded by how she has transformed my life and made me aware of abilities I never knew I had the power to have.

Despite my busy travel schedule, I go to great lengths to get home every week so I won’t miss her meditation class.
For more than 30 years I have listened to dozens of spiritual teachers and philosophers; Ellen Tadd is unparalleled, and she surpasses them all. Sit down with Ellen and hear what she has to say. You’ll quickly understand why you’ll want to meet with her again – and soon.” -Amy Vickers, Author

“I have really valued Ellen Tadd’s teachings and the meditation skills I have learned from over ten years of working with her in classes and individual sessions. Her teachings have given me invaluable skills to integrate a spiritual perspective into my everyday life and have literally turned my life around! Ellen’s classes gave me a practical and methodical approach to gain emotional balance, make decisions from a place of clarity, have greater compassion for myself and others, and learn to communicate with others effectively.

By using the meditation practices daily, over the years my life has become grounded with a new sense of purpose and clarity, and blossomed with inspiration. Since working with Ellen, I have also trained in the spiritual philosophy of two world spiritual leaders, His Holiness the Dalai Lama (through my study of Tibetan Buddhism) and Amma (deemed the ‘hugging Saint’ from India). Although Ellen’s work is not grounded in any particular religion, I have found that the spiritual philosophy that she teaches closely reflects these other religious perspectives-which are actually considered to be quite ‘high’ teachings. What Ellen’s classes offer that goes beyond this, however, is practice in the application of these spiritual teachings into our daily lives and decision-making. In Ellen’s approach, this process happens not through thinking and discourse, but through meditation and direct revelation. This is a concept that can change our world! Ellen’s teachings have helped me and countless of my friends and acquaintances over the years to integrate spiritual principles into our lives.” -Susan Bauer, MFA, MA (Dance / Somatics Educator, Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia)

“I have spent a great deal of time and money to learn allopathic medicine and neurosurgery, but have become a true healer by working the past 15+ years with a very gifted teacher named Ellen Tadd. She has guided me spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and helped me find and heal my own soul, as well as guide the healing of my patients. Her gifts are uncommon on this Earth and include a tremendous psychic ability, in that she has direct communication with those that watch over us.

In my pursuit to provide my patients with the best possible care, I have worked with many alternative and integrative healers, from Deepak Chopra to Indian shamans, but none have touched me or had the gifts of Ellen Tadd. In the present spiritual state of crisis this world finds itself, I feel the world needs her message now more than ever.” -Pamela Costello, MD PhD

“In 2002 I had the good fortune of learning about Ellen Tadd from a colleague and joined Ellen’s Meditation & Philosophy class. To say my life’s journey has been fundamentally enriched and transformed as a result of all that I’ve learned from her would be an understatement.

In the 13+ years I’ve studied with her, I’ve moved to 3 different states, met & married my husband, earned my MBA, held 4 progressively more challenging jobs, and had the rich life experiences of someone moving from their twenties into their fourties.

Ellen has given me tools to access clarity and wisdom when making my life decisions, small and significant. She’s helped me to remain inspired and optimistic through life’s up and downs. I’ve learned to let go of self-destructive attitudes, found greater self-acceptance and strengthened my self-confidence. I now understand more deeply, and am more connected to, my life’s purpose and my unique voice and gifts.

Ellen’s teachings have been the most practical and profound lessons I’ve ever received for how to live a life with purpose, compassion and clarity. She’s the teacher most of us, myself included, haven’t known to look for yet all of us need.” -Kerry Gendron