Death and Letting Go

“Death and Letting Go offers insight and reassurance to those who have the courage to face their own death and that of their loved ones.” — Deepak Chopra, author of The Way of the Wizard

On the Boston Globe Best Seller List for Non-Fiction Paperback in 2003, “Death and Letting Go” is a guide for understanding death as a continuation of life. It provides insights into the meaning of death and guidance for facing challenging life transitions. “Death and Letting Go” offers quiet reassurance and encouragement for living life with greater joy and serenity.


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“Warmly personal, totally eye-opening, persuasive and practical. Of all the works on death, reincarnation, bereavement and communication with the deceased, I have found nothing equal to this book, which I think will be a classic for years to come” –Huber Pryor, former editor-in chief, Modern Maturity and Science Digest


“I have come to recognize that people’s experiences after death are as varied as their experiences in the physical world. It has been fascinating to study through clairvoyance the attitudes and circumstances involved in a desirable death versus a painful and confused one. My hope is that this book will help people move through fears and apprehensions surrounding death which inhibit enjoyment of life on earth and quality of life after death.”