I recently read an interesting article in the New York Times by Thomas L. Friedman. He said, “Most voters do not listen through their ears. They listen through their stomachs. If a leader can connect with them on a gut level, their response is: “Don’t bother me with the details. I trust your instincts.”

The gut level is the solar plexus chakra. When we perceive through this chakra, we become self-centered. It’s all about what we feel and want right now, without any consideration for others or a long-term outcome. And unfortunately we are a solar plexus dominant culture and of course this approach causes people to make poor choices, resulting in negative consequences.

I even hear journalist talking about their gut perspective. This language has made it into the lexicon of our culture and regrettably supports a continuation of using the solar plexus to navigate life.

If the solar plexus is used appropriately it is not the center of perception, but rather the center of emotion. Our perceptions inform our feelings and the third eye is the proper center of perception and wisdom that can guide our emotions, while utilizing the tool of the intellect. The third eye is the decider.

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