Here is my little write up about mediation – so you can get started.

I use an X to symbolize the process of learning to meditate. The bottom part of the X is everyday thought or brain chatter. The point in the center is stillness. The upper part of the X is revelation, connection to the Spirit within and without.

There are three steps to achieving a sustained meditation. The first is to produce the open airy feeling at the top the head, associated with an open crown chakra. Inspiration is an obvious tool to bring this about. Reading a poem, or envisioning an uplifting image or event are possibilities. Devotion and trust can also be used to open the crown chakra. Whatever works to produce the open, airy feeling at the top of your head should be focused upon before meditating.

The next step is using an affirmation or the verbal affirming of a universal truth. I suggest, “I am Spirit, infinite Spirit” to focus and recondition the mind to feel one’s infinite identity as a spiritual being. The affirmation should be repeated until an expansive feeling grows.

The third step is to discontinue the use of the affirmation and work to hold your mind still. If brain chatter returns, go back to the affirmation. A rocking sensation can be very effective. Saying the affirmation, then pause – holding your mind still, then the affirmation again, then a pause. Gradually maintain the pause and stillness for longer periods of time.

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