by Laura Tadd


Few relationships are more significant, complicated, and ongoing than parent and child. From the first day, the parent-child dynamic is a two-way street of learning and teaching. One of the challenges in communicating about parenting or the parent-child dynamic is that relationships are nuanced. As a result, any universal swathing of theory is doomed to fail. Astrology as a tool for parenting is a remarkable way to understanding the uniqueness of each child and comprehending this parent-child dynamic.

Here is an example: A client came to me last year because her then 11-year old son was battling her every night about avoiding homework. In addition to this being frustrating and exhausting for both of them, it was significantly impacting his learning and grades. In speaking with my client and in looking at her son’s astrology chart, I saw clearly that part of the issue was the physical environment where her son was trying to do his homework: the kitchen table. Now this can be a perfectly suitable environment for some children to study, but not for him. This boy was born when the planet Mercury was in Taurus.

Every planet in the sky, from an astrological perspective, represents different parts of the self. Mercury, as the God of communication, represents how we think and learn. The sign of Taurus is, among other things, deeply connected with our sensory perceptions. When a planet is in a given sign, it is as though that sign is superimposed upon the planet; impacting how it’s expressed. In the case of this young boy his communication and learning style was seen through the lens of Taurus, and as such his physical environment, his sensory experience, greatly impacts his ability to focus.

I suggested to my client, that they create a space in his room to work that was aesthetically pleasing to him; “him” being the key, it was not to look like what she found aesthetically pleasing, it needed to be tailored to him. It turned out he found the project of making a study space incredibly exciting and has continued to use this desk space more than a year later, even when he’s reading for pleasure. My client relayed to me that this change resulted in two dramatic shifts in their lives. First, their nightly homework battles are almost non-existent, and second, his grades have quickly and markedly improved. This relatively simple yet personalized approach improved their family dynamics in immeasurable ways.

This is just one of many examples of how astrology can be helpful for parents, and for understanding the dynamics between a parent and a child. If you or someone you know would be interested in receiving astrological guidance on the parenting process, or other family dynamics, please contact me at [email protected] or go to for more information.

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