The crown chakra is the center of devotion and it is the bridge to the spiritual dimensions. It is through the crown chakra that revelation, profound inspiration, and the ability to heal with the God force is possible. However, it is not unusual for people who are spiritually oriented to have wide open crowns because of devotion, and wide open hearts because they love, but not strong third eye chakras of discernment.

I often think of people with this pattern as members of the crown chakra, heart chakra club. When I observe this energetic sequence, I am reminded that good intentions can pave your way to hell. So often this is a crowd that believes they can create their own reality with their intentions. My guides say it is much more complicated than that.

The third eye of deep focus is the miner’s light that helps us to navigate our day to day decisions. It guides the synthesis between the material and the spiritual world. Don’t get confused. Stay in your top eye.

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