Many people in spiritual circles believe that they can create their own reality, while others believe that our lives are destined. These contradictory philosophies can be quite confusing. My guides say that there is both creative choice and destiny and that some people have more destiny in their lives and others have more creative freedom. I say, “Some people have a long leash life, while others have a short leash life.”

One approach is not more important then the other, it is simply that different lessons apply. A person with more destiny has lessons surrounding patience, trust, timing, while a person with more creative choice is learning to be proactive, confident, powerful. You can use the third eye and meditation to help you attune to your life situations to determine whether to follow the destiny or create new opportunities. We actually each have some destiny and some choice, wisdom helps us tell the difference. I have had a lot of choice in interior decorating, but not much choice in my career.

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