I am in the San Francisco bay area at an airport hotel. Last night I was woken up at 3:20am by an 6.0 earthquake. What actually woke me was the noise of everything in my room and the building itself moving. I turned on the light and then watched my room shift back and forth, the walls, the bed, the television and on and on. The power of the experience and the powerlessness I felt to influence the situation motivated me to let go, stay in my third eye, and observe.

In my third eye I asked, Should I leave the building? Should I get under a table? What should I do? While in my third eye it was clear that I should just stay in bed and stay calm.

I share this story, because at any moment any number of unexpected events can happen and as my guides state, “Clarity is our greatest protection.” Third eye focus promotes clarity. Strengthen your focus skill, you never know when this ability will be extremely important.

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