How is it possible to compete with others and at the same time want the best for them? Competition is a contradiction to a oneness perspective. From a oneness perspective we each have our role to play, our instrument in the orchestra of life. Together we form the whole.

When we go inside and discover our purpose, our contribution and learning for this life, it may become disappointing when comparing with someone else. Someone else may have more fame, or more money, or more recognition. Which can create envy and jealousy, if not focused on a deeper comprehension of who we are and why we are here.

A belief in reincarnation emphasizes the view that we take turns having different roles. I have been a queen and a servant and the life as the queen wasn’t necessarily more fulfilling. True fulfillment is linked to the quality of our inner life and the actualization of our purpose – whatever that might be. Our inner spirit contains our instructions.

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