What is universal and what is unique? I often hear about or read about a person who has a personal event and then goes on to make broad generalizations about life and others based on their experience. This can be an imbalanced projection.

When I first started working with my guides they would ask me to compare the difference between conclusions, attitudes, and experiences that where universal and those that were not. They stressed that when people try to turn that which is specific and individual into universal ideas or concepts many problems arise.

Our attitudes form the foundation of our lives and when they are confused we build on shaky ground. One way at discern which attitudes will bring us stability is to recognize attitudes that are universal and apply to all people. These are the building blocks of life.

Unique experiences can be fabulous, but they are ours to enjoy, learn from, and share without projection. We don’t need to make a one size fits all approach to life to find security.

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