I often feel that life in the material world is a “clean, dirty, rot, rust existence.” Life demands a great deal of maintenance from us. We clean our house only to have it get dirty again, we clean our bodies but the clean feeling doesn’t last very long, we organize our paper work or computer only to have to do it again and again. We paint our house – it peels, gardens need to be weeded often and on and on.

Often people desire ease – to hire someone to do the chores, to go out to dinner so there wonʼt be the need to make the effort or take the time to shop, cook, and clean. Maintenance work is not very valued and is often seen as a waste of time that could be better spent on progress, creativity, or innovation, the things that are more important and lucrative.

However, there are many lessons to be learned from the mundane tasks of daily life. I do my best creative thinking while I clean the house, plus this is a time that my guides talk to me. Making dinner for a family or loved ones is an opportunity to express love. Embracing maintenance can slow us down to smell the flowers, bring the peace of humility, and help us to discover that living a fulfilling life is linked to enthusiasm for humble tasks and great adventures.

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