My guides define materialism as valuing material things above spiritual principles. I love beautiful things, quality fabrics, houses with nooks and crannies, enough money to feel generous and free to make choices. Enjoying the material world isnʼt materialism, but rather part of our purpose in coming to an earthly realm.

But when the desire for money and things becomes a justification to turn a blind eye to the ramification of our actions that harm others and our environment then the line is crossed into materialism. It isnʼt easy to discern what is life supportive and what isnʼt in a complex world where the parts for one product are made in many different locations.

Two favorite affirmations that I use surrounding my relationship to things is first a quote from Paramahansa Yogananda, “Have few things, wash frequently.” and a quote from my former mother-in-law, “When youʼre poor you can only afford the best.” My interpretation of the last quote is when you buy quality things you keep them for a long time and often pass them down to others, saving money, not wasting, and with more enjoyment.

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