What causes insecurity? Insecurity is another way of saying, I feel afraid. I don’t feel stable. I don’t feel confident. Our insecurities can vary, of course, depending on our first errors. What triggers us to feel insecure is not the same. If we want to feel some basic human safety and the world is unstable, how do we find security?

I find my security in cultivating a spiritual perspective, because I find that when I immerse myself in it, I feel an inner security and confidence. I don’t feel confident that I know everything, because I don’t. I don’t feel confident that I am better than others, because I am not. I don’t feel confident that my body will always be safe, because it isn’t. I feel confident in my fundamental value, whether I make mistakes or am accepted or rejected, because my identity is Spirit, part of the creative force of the universe. Just like you.

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