Many years ago I was bit by a dog, quite badly, in my right leg. It took a few weeks before I could walk normally and I needed to take an antibiotic. The most interesting part of the experience was that many months after the event my right leg would shake when around a strange dog. Even when my mind was quite clear that the dog posed no threat, my leg still seemed to be afraid. It was from this experience that I started to think about cellular memory and the complexity of trauma.

What I decided to do was to talk to the cells in my leg, reassuring them that I would take care of them and they could now relax, while holding the attitude that cells have consciousness too. Each time I was near a dog I would talk to my leg and gradually my leg stopped shaking around canines.

Repetition is how we heal. It is through the repetition of clear and appropriate attitudes that our fearful attitudes transform. Whatever emotional traumas you sustain can be transformed through the repetition of clear thoughts and feelings based in a broad spiritual understanding.

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