How do you know when you know? We have so many voices attempting to influence our decisions and direction. Perhaps good intentioned family and friends and some not so good intentioned corporations or individuals with vested interests.

Not only do we have a huge number of outside influences, but the fear of making a mistake can generate a number of contradictory internal voices. What are we to do?

It is impossible to make intellectual rules about decisions and direction when life situations are not stagnant but always changing and nuanced. As my guides say, “Be the one who listens fully to self.” Not the superficial self, the influenced self, or the frightened self, but the core of our being, our inner spirit.

I love hearing the perspective of others, because the process of being open helps me to refine the questions that I ask myself. Then I take the important questions deep within my being and feel, listen, and look for the knowing that is in harmony with my core and of course my core is in harmony with the oneness.

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