Inspiration is one of the great tools for experiencing happiness. It can be really helpful to ask, “What inspires me and how do I incorporate inspiration into daily life?” We each have our list of things, places, people, and ideas that bring us inspiration. But what I really want to focus on is the idea that if we take basic daily experiences deeper, then inspiration is all around us.

For example, if we take time to look at the food on our dinner plate and really think about all the people and effort necessary to bring that food to us – it feels amazing. Remember seeds were planted and the miracle of life grew vegetables, fruits, beans, or an animal, like a chicken, gave of its life, the sun, the water, the nutrients in the soil, shipping, the store or farmer’s market staff and on and on. When the fullness of all the aspects of what goes into a simple dinner is deeply reflected upon, appreciation is a natural byproduct and inspiration follows.

When we don’t take things, people, and situations for granted, keeping appreciation in the forefront of our minds, inspiration and happiness is plentiful.

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