Ellen is not teaching classes or workshops at this time.

My connection and communication with my guides from the spiritual realms has been a deep and powerful schooling at every level, intellectual, moral, emotional, and practical. Their wisdom and unswerving belief in the essential goodness of every person has been a consistent presence to emulate.

In this beginning class series we will concentrate on the methodology that has been communicated to me from my guides, with an emphasis on meditation techniques and a spiritual philosophy. During the classes an expansive energy is generated by the presence of these guides. This force helps to transform limited attitudes and deepens perceptions of oneself and life.

The scope of information includes learning to perceive the spirit in ourselves and others, understanding the relationship between spirit and the human condition, gaining the skill of discernment for cultivating clarity, learning to access one’s own guides, and developing the ability to project consciousness to gather knowledge. Practical exercises are given to help everyone integrate the material covered.