In two days my new book THE INFINITE VIEW will be available to the public. The journey to bringing the stories, and ideas contained in this book to a wider audience as been a long one. I have had three literary agents and many opportunities for publishing that fell through at the last moment. My guides told me that they were holding me back until the time was right.

I received a wonderful confirmation of my guides’ message when I discovered that when my current agent, who was successful in bringing my book to publication, first came to NYC she lived on the very street where I had my spiritual awakening. What are the odds?

From a spiritually attuned place timing is essential. Spirit’s timing and our timing is so often different. Once I was told wait until all the dominoes are lined up and then only one push will be needed for a big impact. Working smart instead of just hard is often linked to timing

Let me introduce you to THE INFINITE VIEW! I would love to hear your feedback through Facebook and reviews.

The Infinite View

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