Money is important in our world. It is with money that we acquire the basics of survival, material splurges and extra pleasures, as well as the freedom to have options and choice. Certainly money doesn’t buy love or the quality of our inner life, but it can be supportive in its ability to diminish stress if used wisely.

What does it mean to use money wisely? My guides have said that materialism is when material things are valued above spiritual principles, such as love, wisdom, balance, clarity, and compassion. So how do we integrate spiritual principles with money decisions? When deciding about money matters, use your wise third eye and meditation. Whether about a particular purchase, your job situation, or to determine appropriate generosity.

It is not uncommon to observe people creating wealth off the backs of others and then after their success, they start a foundation to give to charity. From spiritual attunement, many company owners would increase wages and opportunities for their employees as a way to compensate them for their contribution to the success. From third eye wisdom, we are not too generous or too withholding, but balanced and appropriate.

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