The election of Donald Trump feels like a punch to the gut, leaving an energetic dark shroud over our country: this darkness is palpable. What is darkness? Energetically darkness is generated by negative attitudes and actions, containing hate, fear, selfishness.

Some of this darkness has been produced by the attitudes and actions of Donald Trump, his cronies, and his supporters, but this gloom and negativity has been intensified by fear and reactions to his winning the presidency, as well as anxiety and foreboding about real dangers that his administration and the Republican congress can inflict on our lives and our world.

My guides stress the importance or acting rather than reacting. Staying positive in the midst of being surrounded by the negative. How do we do this in an extreme situation? The very same way that we navigate in better times.

Focusing on our individual and collective learning turns even the most negative into a positive. Earth is our school. Many years ago a guide said to me, “As your world situation worsens people will fall to the side of fear or to the side of a spiritual perspective. No one will be able to ride the fence.”

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