I will be starting my beginning and on-going classes soon, mid-September. As I start the process of setting them up, I am reflecting on why I have chosen the format of on-going classes, instead of workshops.

My guides have said, the two challenges we face that need resolution to actualize our spiritual nature and bring us to fulfillment – are past life fears, and confusing conditioning from this life. They have also said, that if our cultural conditioning supported our spiritual nature we would naturally unravel to enlightenment, healing our wounds. Our culture does not support our spiritual growth, but rather adds insult to injury.

All this said, the format of the on-going classes provides the time necessary to practice and transform fundamental attitudes through direct experience that we are all Spirit and human. Gradually faulty attitudes from childhood and our culture get replaced with a more universal perspective. The experiential nature of the classes is why some people take them for 20 years. We are so much more than what we have been led to believe, and in class we remember as a group what it means to be Spirit temporarily on earth.

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