My guides say positivity is our greatest protection. How do we stay in true positivity in the midst of great difficulty without getting caught in either discouragement or avoidance?

First of all, it is important to understand the difference between a desire and an attachment. A pure desire flows out of our spiritual essence and propels us forward into creativity, loving, and service. Attachment, on the other hand, is desire mixed up with the fear of not getting what we want. When we are attached to an outcome whether it is world peace or getting a new car and we don’t get what we want, discouragement can set in and/or overwhelm leading to a loss of confidence or avoidance as a way to feel better in the short term.

True positivity includes looking honestly at imbalances and problems with wisdom and compassion coupled with the desire to feel, express, and actualize the spiritual principles associated with our core and collectives natures. I define positivity as attitudes and actions based in spiritual principles, while negativity stems from attitudes and actions not based in spiritual principles.

From this perspective, how we experience our inner life and manifest our outer life is the key to true positivity. We can influence, but not control and if we become reactionary to our outer circumstances we lose our balance. Be in attuned action rather than reaction and know that karma comes from reaction while enlightenment comes from self-actualization. Our greatest service and personal fulfillment are one.

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