When our bodies are not feeling well, it can be more difficult to feel the expansion of our spirit’s nature. It has been said many times that the body is the temple of the spirit: therefore it stands to reason that we must take good care of our bodies, so we can bask in the magnificence of our spirit.

Taking good care of our bodies has become complicated and challenging with the enormous amount of toxicity in our environment, the poor quality of much of the food sold in grocery stores and restaurants, and cultural expectations that often generate a lot of stress.

I have found that working to stay healthy has turned me into an investigative reporter. Learning about toxicity and how to detox, researching the best sources for healthy food, discovering natural and progressive ways to treat ailments, and then sharing my discovers with others.

Let me encourage you to become an investigative reporter too. Remember all the experts disagree, so don’t give your power away; use all your facilities to learn and discern what is best for you.

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