Many years ago I had a clairvoyant experience that lasted two weeks. During that period I was able to see colored light coming out of people’s mouths whenever they spoke. My guides explained that this experience was to teach me that the words people use do not tell the whole story. The feeling behind the words is a significant part of any communication. Someone can say, “I love you” and the color of the emotions can be red with passion, pink with tenderness or greenish-brown with anxiety. Actually, the words don’t tell you as much as the undercurrents.

I learned that every thought, word, and action has a color and that every color has qualities that are linked to its energetic vibration. One day in the parking lot of our local food market, I noticed a couple intensely arguing with each other. Red light flashed back and forth between them. There was no doubt in my mind that the red color was the energetic manifestation of their anger.

My guides say, “Attitudes create color, and color creates attitudes.”

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