Recently I read an article about Sylvia Brown, the famous psychic, which focused on the inaccuracy of many of her predictions and some examples of the negative impact. This commentary reminded me of an interaction with a personal spiritual guide many years ago, when I was advised not to focus on prediction, but rather growth and development. I was told that most people want predictions because they are afraid they are not going to get what they want and that it would be preferable to help people through their fears instead of trying to appease them. We are here on earth to work through fears and learn the interconnection between spiritual principles and worldly application.

Sometimes knowing the future can be helpful. This knowledge may help us be patient, or accepting, or even trusting. Sometimes it is not helpful to know the future, which could activate fear, impatience, or a desire to always control outcomes.

In life there is both destiny and free will choice, some things can be known, while others are yet to be revealed. Also, there are times to know and times where it is best to be veiled.

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