We can receive guidance from the spirit within, the spirit without, and our individual guides. What is the difference? The spirit without is the god force, the oneness, the omnipresent conscious force that is in all things. When we connect with this force through meditation or a powerful moment of inspiration, we get in touch with pure power and even ecstasy. This is the force that healers tap into, this is the force that brings us contact with the feeling of deep spiritual principles.

The spirit within is our little individual part of this god force, our pure essential nature. Even if we were each enlightened, we would still be unique. Itʼs always wise to take an idea, suggestion, or experience into our spirit for final confirmation. This way we donʼt give our power away and we take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

The beauty of having connection with our individual guides is that they can be very specific about worldly details, while at the same time they have an overview, a birdʼs eye view that can protect us and guide us through complexity.

In some situations, focus on the oneness, at other times the individual spirit, and know that our guides are available to help too.

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