Why is it that one person stands out in a crowd? Why is it when we meet someone for the first time, we feel we already know them? Or why do we get stuck in a relationship that isn’t working, but somehow we can’t quite extricate ourselves from it? These are all likely karmic connections. People we have had relationships with in former lives.

Our past life relationship history has an enormous impact on our attractions and conflicts. Plus we tend to incarnate with the same group of people. This is our soul family; the people that we reconnect with in order to resolve old issues, learn lessons not yet learned, or receive support and love because of a bond long ago formed.

If you want to understand your relationship history, you might want to try past life regression, meditate on the meaning and purpose of a relationship, or have a past life reading. Understanding relationships from a past life perspective can be more interesting than going to the movies.

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