I think of technology as neutral, just like money. It can be used well or used poorly. With both technology and money, discernment is the key to a wise and appropriate relationship.

Pay attention to your relationship with technology – are you in your Solar Plexus when you feel compelled to check your email one more time before bed? Or are you focused from the Third Eye of discernment? Feel the difference. When we are compelled from the solar plexus it feels like a craving – an emotional pull that comes from a feeling of lack of wholeness.

When we use technology while being focused from the Third Eye it is marvelous tool for creativity, connection, and learning. The big difference is from the Third Eye we feel whole, and make good choices, rather than feeling pulled, overwhelmed, or needy from the Solar Plexus.

Observe your relationship with technology – it can be very interesting and insightful.

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