I was recently tuning into someone who was on morphine after surgery and was surprised to feel that their drug experience felt similar to a fabulous meditation. Both expansive, a feeling of ecstasy, pure positivity with no fear. On reflection, I felt there were a few lessons to be gleaned from the comparison of drugs and meditation, although I do believe that morphine can be a godsend in the right situation.

Becoming a quality meditator takes practice and work, while taking a drug is easy with little effort required. Choosing a short cut can come with a very big price – drugs ultimately harm the body, while meditation helps heal the body.

However, meditation can be used as a drug, a way of feeling good while avoiding lifeʼs challenges. The open crown chakra in meditation can give us the experience of heaven while on earth. There are two approaches that I emphasize for integrating spiritual awareness into everyday living. One is using meditation in an asking and listening process to receive insight about the profound and the mundane. Two, to use the third eye of discernment in tandem with deep listening as way of navigating life wisely without avoidance.

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