Our philosophy of life, or in other words our fundamental attitudes and beliefs form the foundation of our lives. Every aspect of our life is built upon this base, the quality of our relationships, the work we find meaningful, even our day to day decisions. Although our underlying philosophy is tremendously significant, many give little thought to how our attitudes affect our practical daily life circumstances.

Reincarnation is the belief that we all experience a birth, death, and rebirth cycle. That one life is a short span in the existence of all of life. I didn’t believe in reincarnation when I was a child, having been brought up in a household with a father who was a physicist, but I often had private usual episodes, such as out of body experiences and clairvoyant visions. It was not until I was nineteen and my deceased mother came to me to give me insight and comfort that I stopped fighting my natural sensitivity and began to search for life’s meaning beyond the conditioning of my culture.

I’m grateful that I was raised by a scientist, because a scrutinizing approach to gathering knowledge and understanding has informed my life, but rather than focusing on the nature of physical reality, I have turned my attention to understanding the nature of spiritual reality. When I started to have my own past life memories and detailed visions of the previous lives of others it was a tremendous relief and comfort. Life in the material world without the understanding of reincarnation is cruel and unjust and if there is only one life for each of us then it is easy to understand why greed has become such a prevalent and an often admired characteristic.

On the other hand, if reincarnation exists then life keeps an accurate scorecard. There are always consequences to our actions, cause, and effect. No one really gets away with anything.

When I was personally able to embrace the concept of reincarnation, everything changed for me. I took on a deep and committed responsibly to think and act in a principled manner. When someone at the bank gave me too much money when I cashed a check. I returned the extra funds. When I was in a meeting and was asked to express my opinion, I did so with honesty even though I knew what I had to say would be unpopular. My life’s motivation became one of living with integrity rather than being focused on getting what I want at the expense of others. I grew to see the interconnection of everything, just like in nature. In fact, people are part of nature and are governed by the same laws whether we know it or not.

Imagine a world where we all make it a priority to actualize our best rather than being driven by winning and a materialistic perspective. I define materialism as putting the value of money and things above fundament principles, such as love, balance, or wisdom.

I have been so fortunate to have had vivid clairvoyant experiences that eliminated my doubt about life after death and rebirth after death. I was able to watch my son incarnate, meeting him first as a man in etheric form before he took on the role of becoming a baby again. And I’ve conversed with many relatives, teachers, and an array of individuals existing in the spiritual realm about the rebirth process. So I have confidence that reincarnation exists to the same degree that I can state that I am typing on my computer.

However, I never ask anyone to believe me. After all, I didn’t accept reincarnation as a guiding principle until I had my own experiences. But what I am proposing is that you explore how your life might change if you embraced this theory and I offer the suggestion of using the tools of past life regression and deep meditation to facilitate the uncovering of your soul’s story.

At this current time, our material world existence is tentative and fragile, to say the least. There is no better time than now to explore the foundation of our beliefs. Understanding reincarnation can provide us a deeper window into our purpose and lessons as we navigate the world and our individual lives.

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