From 1975 to present I estimate I have engaged in more than 35,000 individual private counseling sessions.

In an initial session I focus on a person’s hand which activates my clairvoyance. I don’t practice palmistry, but rather hand scrying or reading the soul through the hand. I discovered purely by accident that when I look deeply into a person’s hand I start seeing visions of their previous lives. From years of practicing this technique, I have discovered that a past life overview provides significant insight to interpret present life circumstance, relationships, and facilitates wise decisions for the future.

In a phone session, when a person talks about their questions and concerns I am able to connect and my visionary ability starts to flow, even without the use of the hand. Emphasis is placed on understanding fundamental questions such as, Who are you and why have you incarnated this time? What are you on the earth to learn and contribute?

Time is allotted for personal questions and discussion of meditation and techniques that are helpful in integrating the knowledge gained in the session. After an initial session, I’m available for consulting, using my visionary ability to help problem solve and provide insight into an array of human concerns.