A day or weekend workshop will include:

Insight and Inspiration
Ellen will share inspiring stories of encounters with individuals from the spiritual realm to provide insight and reassurance about a spiritual perspective.

Personal Experience
Group and individual exercises will facilitate personal experience to enhance awareness about spiritual principles and to confirm a deeper understanding life.

Practical Tools
Meditation techniques and various exercises will be introduced as practical tools to help integrate the learning acquired into everyday life.

Sample Workshops

The Wisdom of the Chakras Workshops
Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life

Some people are extremely bright yet emotionally crippled, other are very loving yet their daily lives are chaotic. Many have great faith but very little clarity, while others are creative but stymied by a lack of confidence.

  • Why are people so lopsided in their development?
  • Why do some of us feel love but find ourselves unable to express it?
  • Why do some us commit ourselves to an endeavor “from the heart” but again and again wind up disenchanted?
  • Why do some of us feel confident and powerful within ourselves but become frightened when we try to realize our potential?
  • What is the reason for such contradictions?

Ellen had the feeling that the answers might lie in the chakra system. Her guides encourage simplicity and experiential knowledge rather than intellectual approaches to spiritual concepts, so she began my study of the chakra system through observation, and avoided reading books on the subject. Ellen looked and learned everywhere; from people on the street, at the movies, in the grocery store – everywhere.

Ellen discovered that the chakra system could explain the imbalances that seem so prevalent in people. It also offers remedies to right our imbalances, which are the obstacles that prevent us from becoming the people we want to be and the beings that all of us have the capacity to become – which is to say, the spiritual beings that all of us in fact are.

In this workshop Ellen will share knowledge and tools about the chakra system that she has gathered from observation, clairvoyance, contact with her guides – in her counseling practice, teaching and indeed, in her personal life.

Spirit Soul and Personality

The relationship between the spirit, soul and personality is a workshop that presents the foundation of my guide’s philosophy for self–actualization.

The spirit is the spark of the god-force that resides in each of us. It is our enlightened-self and the only part of the self that is constant and never changes. We will focus on the process of learning to perceive the spirit in ourselves and others, once we see the spirit in each person, we see the essential and universal of the person, and we realize that we are all evolving toward this essence.

The soul is the container of the spirit and allows the spirit to have individuality and animation. The soul is complicated while the spirit is simple. The soul contains all of our past life influences. Much of our individual life is centered on healing the fears and traumas in our soul, so the spirit can be actualized. We will focus on learning to consciously attend to this process.

The personality is our persona in the world and is made up of a combination of our spiritual essence, our past life influences, genetics, and our environmental conditioning from parents, society, and education. Ellen’s guides say personal fulfillment occurs when our spiritual nature is manifested in our personality. We will work to embrace and enhance the aspects of our genetics and conditioning that supports spiritual fulfillment, while learning to dissipate the negative influences that do not.

Introductory Meditation and Spiritual Philosophy

This workshop is an overview of a class series that Ellen has taught for twenty-five years, which concentrates on meditation techniques and a spiritual philosophy. This methodology has been communicated to Ellen from her guides. During the workshop an expansive energy is generated by the presence of these guides. This force helps to transform limited attitudes and deepen perceptions of oneself and life. Practical exercises are given to help everyone integrate the material covered.

The scope of information includes learning to perceive the spirit in ourselves and others, understanding the relationship between spirit and the human condition, gaining the skill of discernment for cultivating clarity, learning to access one’s own guides, and developing the ability to project consciousness to gather knowledge.

Death and Letting Go

Through the years Ellen has had numerous experiences with people who have passed into the spiritual realms. It is through these encounters that she has gained a greater understanding about the death process, as well as insight into how to live a more fulfilled life while on earth.

Death is a universal concern. Everyone we know and love will die and so will we. And yet death is a topic that is often avoided due to fear and confusion about what death actually is. Ellen presents death from a spiritual perspective, one that counters the notion that death creates loss and is an end of life. She emphasizes an understanding of life as a continual process of change where all stages, including death, can be accepted and learned from.

Special Events

Special events including day long or extended retreats, seminars, and training can be created based on specific needs and interests.