The Wisdom Of The Chakras

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“Straight out: This is the best book on the chakras that I have read.”
Gregory Shaw, author of Theurgy and the Soul: the Neoplatonism of Iamblichus

I began my study of the chakra system through observation, and I avoided reading books on the subject. I looked and learned everywhere. Whenever I saw people, I also saw the seven energy centers emanating from them. I gathered knowledge from my clairvoyance and from my guides from the spiritual realm that is contained in “The Chakra Book.” This book shows how the chakra system functions in everyday life, how our thoughts, words, and actions affect this system, and how the chakras shape us. It also provides practical tools that are easily integrated into daily life to heal each chakra and so attain the alignment that is the basis of a healthy and, I believe a spiritual life.

EXCERPT: “Some people are extremely bright yet emotionally crippled, others are very loving yet their daily lives are chaotic. Many have great faith but very little clarity, while others are creative but stymied by a lack of confidence. Why are people so lopsided in their development? Why do some of us feel love but find ourselves unable to express it? Why do some of us commit ourselves to an endeavor “from the heart” but again and again wind up disenchanted? Why do some of us feel confident and powerful within ourselves but become frightened when we try to realize our potential? What is the reason for such contradictions? I had the feeling that the answers might lie in the chakra system.”